About Us

Welcome to Enterprise Pursuits

At Enterprise Pursuits we focus on creating learner experiences that increase employee performance. Our focus is on increasing business revenue and profits. Let’s set some goals for your company and then crush those goals together!   

Who Are We

Enterprise Pursuits is an instructional design and learning development firm. We build cutting edge eLearning using data driven, and research proven methodology. 

Our Mission

Enterprise Pursuits work with businesses to spur learning in a way that produces positive results to our clients bottom-line. We give back to the community through education.    

What We Do

We assess companies educational needs and determine the proper plan of action to mitigate losses, or increase revenue streams.

Our history

Enterprise Pursuits was started to help small to medium businesses that can not afford a staff of educational professionals; yet wanted an advantage over their competition. Our humble beginnings started in small office inside our co-founders home in Dunedin, Florida. It is our mission to treat every client fairly and provide excellent customer service building a team that works flawlessly together. By integrating ourselves into businesses culture, we are able to have a firm understanding of organizational needs and goals. We sat ourselves apart by utilizing proven research to build effective training that grantees results. Our data team uses cutting edge technology to pinpoint successes, and areas of improvement. Unlike many of our competitors this strict adherence to scientific methodology sets us above and beyond the competition. We might find during the analyzation phase that an eLearning is not the answer; however, the answer is always effective at accomplishing the desired learning outcome.  

Our process



Define the instructional goal that will be met. Establish the instructional objectives that will build to learners meeting the over-aching goal. Identify learners existing knowledge and skillsets. Determine proper learning theory to address company needs. Deliver a claims analysis.     



Determine the learning strategy, delivery methods, structure, duration, assessment, feedback, etcetera that are most applicable to the situation. Ensure all methods are beholden to educational theory. Deliver a prototype.  



After receiving feedback from the design process an iterative phase occurs. In this phase the product is revamped to ensure all stakeholders and designers are in unison. Final prototype delivered.    



The curriculums, courses, or projects are developed. Carful consideration will be made to ensure each element of the course is in cohesion with the design. As the development phase progresses iteration pauses will be built in to ensure the desired outcome it achieved. Deliver a working learning product. 



The product is deployed to a Learning Management System, or another method of delivery. Tracking and reporting is setup to capture learner data. Automated reports are delivered to the desired contact.   



Course feedback and data are collected to pinpoint areas of improvement as the learning takes place. After evaluation and discussions selected areas are improved and the course is relaunched.Each organization determines the best maintenance plan for their needs.    

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Data Collected

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