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Enterprise Pursuits produces training materials that that revamp tired boring trainings, into refined aesthetically pleasing highly effective instruction. Every company deserves the chance to succeed!      

Increase revenue with our services

Enterprise Pursuits offers strategic consulting services designed to impact individual business goals ensuring success. Our firm strives to create learning products based on empirical peer-reviewed research that guarantee results. 


We provide gap-analysis that deconstructs your employees current performance, and provide an educational business plan to reach company goals. Closing the gap with learning solutions will increase business productivity.


We design engaging, and innovative learning solutions using technology to automate the curriculum. Rounding out the design phase a prototype will be delivered ensuring the product in moving in the envisioned direction.


Our skilled learning technologist develop innovative e-learning solutions. Instructor led training materials emphasize the companies brand and engage the learner. Every product delivered is backed by proven research driven techniques.


Let us train your team. We work with leadership to pinpoint training needs, and develop workshops on e-learning, claims analysis, instructional design, prototyping, etcetera. These hands-on learning experiences are fun for the team.


Our team specializes in the implementation of xAPI to collect data. We house your data in our learning records store, and compile it into useful reports. This allows us to drill down and ensure effective learning outcomes that are improved over time.

Individual Coaching

Enterprise Pursuits will help you grow professionally in the field of learning and development. We mentor and support those looking to break into instructional design. Our speciality is helping school teachers cross into the corporate world.


Our consulting team provides expertise from multiple sectors to ensure organizations’ learning and development needs are meet in the most effective manner.

$100.00 per hour 

Our Instructional Desingers hold advanced degrees in education, and learning theory to ensure our products are driven by proven research driven methodology.

$80.00 per hour

Our team of Instructional Technologist have a strong understanding of design theory insuring aesthetically pleasing, modern, and innovative eLearning products.

$ 70.00 per hour

One of our team members will work with your leadership to identify and build a personalized training solution.

$80.00 per hour + Travel Expenses 

Our Data Managers will work with you to identify data needs, gather student data, and compile the data into useable report. 

$90.00 per hr

Enterprise Pursuits will provide you with space in our LRS to gather your leaner data, and we will automate monthly reports. 

Yearly pricing varies according to business size and individual needs. 

Enterprise Pursuits believes that quality education is value added to our society. We will assign a team member to support, mentor, and coach you throughout your career.  

$30.00 per hour | 4hr minimum 

Teachers transitioning from the classroom $25.00 per hour | 4hr minimum   

$20.00 per month for 30 minuets of text coaching

Let’s make your curriculum awesome, together!

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